Ways to Avoid Driving Drowsy

If the hazardous winter weather isn’t enough to worry about, you may also be trying to get back into the swing of things after such a long holiday vacation. This may cause you to become drowsy at times since you are not used to waking up so early for work. Have you ever thought about the consequences of driving when you are drowsy? Don’t put yourself or others at risk when you are tired. Instead, take the right precautions to avoid such a situation.

Some say that driving when you are sleepy is similar to driving intoxicated. In both cases, you are not concentrating your attention fully on the road. Even worse, when you are tired, your eyes may even close for a few seconds. This can be deadly. Therefore, don’t put yourself at risk for accidents and injuries. Instead, follow these tips to avoid driving drowsy this winter:

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• If you are feeling even a little bit sleepy, do not drive.
• Make sure to get between seven and eight hours of sleep the night before a big trip.
• If you need a rest while driving and continue yawning, pull over at a rest stop. Most of them let you sleep there for up to two hours.
• Drink caffeine beverages wisely. Stay away from quick hit energy drinks that may cause you to crash later on.
• Monitor the temperature inside your car. If you have the heat blasting, turn it down or off. Try opening a window or putting on the AC so you can stay awake.
• Singing along to your music can help you keep your eyes opened. Turn it up as loud as you can, but remember to not distract yourself or others from the road.
• Share the driving duties if you have a passenger with you. This can allow you to get some rest.

At The Russell Agency, LLC, we hope you opt to pull over and sleep before fighting your heavy eyelids. These tips are meant to help you find ways to avoid getting behind the wheel while drowsy. If you feel like there are other risks you face while operating a vehicle, then you may be seeking the protection of our auto insurance. Our agents are experts on the Connecticut market and know how to get you the most comprehensive policies at rates you can afford. We understand that your lifestyle differs from everyone else, and we want to provide insurance protection that is customized to match your needs.


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