Tips to Protect Your Valuable Jewelry at Home

Have you recently purchased some expensive jewelry? Or are going to give a special necklace or ring to a loved one on Valentine’s Day? No matter what the occasion, you should be very cautious of where you put your gems and jewels. The last thing you want to happen if for them to get lost or stolen.

You may think your home is secure enough to not be targeted by thieves, but these criminals do have their ways of getting inside your private, safe haven. For example, a couple weeks ago, a burglary unexpectedly occurred in the local area. According to the report, a door had been pried open while the homeowners were away. The residence appeared to have been rummaged through, with silver and jewelry going missing. An estimated value for the stolen items was not included in the report.

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Does this story make you even more concerned about the security of your residence? If so, then you should take every action necessary to protect your valuable jewelry and other items. Here are some tips on how you safeguard your precious mementos:

• Don’t leave your jewelry on an open surface such as a counter, near a sink, or in a public area.
• Keep your jewelry locked in a secure location such as a lockbox or safe.
• Most home thefts occur during daylight, so make sure your home is secure at all times.
• Equip your home with good quality doors, windows, and locks. You could also consider a home security system and professional monitoring service.
• Make sure your house and grounds look like somebody lives there and might be home. Consider putting lights, a radio, or television on a timer system to create the appearance that somebody is home when you are away.

At The Russell Agency, LLC , we want these tips to help you feel more comfortable leaving your home unoccupied knowing your jewelry and property is safe from harm. You have worked hard to make a home for yourself, so why should you leave your homeowners insurance in the hands of someone who does not care for it the way you do? Our team is here to help and wants to give you the best. Let our experienced agents take you through the process so you can have affordable, reliable coverage.


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