What is a Car Black Box?

You may be an expert on your car because you are in it all the time. However, some parts of this machine may be more hidden than you think. Do you know what the black box is? This sounds intimidating, but its purpose could potentially help you during an accident when making an insurance claim.

Black boxes are also known as event data recorders (EDRs), similar to those in airplanes. These devices are usually small and silver, and could be required in most cars in the future. Its purpose is to record data from a variety of sensors during certain incidents. For example, when a crash occurs, an EDR captures and stores information, including:

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• Vehicle speed
• Engine speed
• Steering angle
• Braking status
• Force of impact
• Seatbelt status
• Airbag deployment

This specific information can be used to help determine if the car malfunctioned or if there was driver error. However, whatever type of data is collected, the information belongs to the car owner, who needs to give permission for its use. So now that you know what a black box is, do you think you will use it to your advantage? Having this trusty device by your side could help you during a collision more than you know.

At The Russell Agency, LLC, our agents are here to help you during your time of need. Having auto insurance is only the first step in creating a safer driving environment for all. Following the rules of the road, being a defensive driver, and always wearing your seat belt are a few ways you can reduce the risks you face. In addition, our policy can be customized to match your lifestyle and needs. Let our qualified team support you and your loved ones both on and off the road!


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