How to avoid the Frozen Pipes nightmare!

There is no way of stopping the cold winter weather in Fairfield County, but you can take steps to insure that your pipes won’t freeze.

To avoid frozen pipes, wrap pipes that are at risk in insulated heat tape and keep the building heat at an adequate level throughout the winter. If you have a power loss, as is getting more common in Fairfield County, you’ll lose heat, too, so if you’re away from home more than a day or two, arrange for someone to check on things. It’s also a good idea to open cabinet doors to circulate warm air to pipes on outside walls.

Also, if you’ll be away for an extended period of time, drain your pipes. If you’re going to be out of the home for even a short time, shut off the water supply. That way, if pipes do burst, the only water that will be released into the house will be what’s in the pipes. Water won’t continue to pump into the home, as often happens when pipes burst.

If pipes freeze and burst, turn off the water supply before the house warms and the water in the pipes thaws, flooding the home

First, take immediate steps to prevent further damage and contact your insurance agency. We will verify your homeowners insurance coverage and give you instructions for preparing your claim.

Generally, you’ll be asked for repair estimates for structural damage and a list of items that will need repair or replacement. Depending on the amount of damage, an appraiser from your insurance company may need to see the damage. As with any insurance claim, keep all receipts.

If the damage is so extensive that you can’t stay in the home, your insurance company generally will pay for additional living expenses.

For more helpful hints on protecting your home, please contact The Russell Agency 203.255.2877.

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