The Ramones: Punk Rockers or Insurance Visionaries?

My 12 year old son came home from a thrift store in Newtown with a great find, The Ramones album "End of the Century" on vinyl. The most enduring song of the album is of course Rock and Roll High School, an instant classic with lines like "I don't care about history, that's not where I wanna be.." My personal favorite song on the album is "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?", but it was the last song on the album that caught my ear today.

"High Risk Insurance" is 2 minutes of brilliant garage rock. Buried in the songs lyrics are the lines "You gotta fight to stay independent, I got my pride and I' gonna defend it" Obviously, Joey was looking into the future and seeing the struggles of the independent agency system against the giant direct writers with their never ending ad machine.

But never fear, the independent agency system will prevail, as Joey sings "Got endurance, I was trained" Here Joey is stating the fact that the independent agents are the best trained insurance professionals available, and to not go with an independent agent is truly putting yourself and family in high risk insurance.

So when shopping for insurance, take it from Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Marky, put your trust in an independent agent. Whether it's homeowners insurance, auto insurance, umbrella or valuable articles insurance, your independent agent will provide you with great insurance coverage at a great price.

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