Insuring Recreational Vehicles

Did you know neither recreational vehicles nor off road vehicles are insured under

normal car insurance?

An RV can function as a vehicle and home at the same time. Therefore, when you

hit the road with your large motor home, you need vehicle insurance for your protection.

But, how about the smaller types of recreational vehicles? Should they be insured too?

Snowmobiles; all-terrain vehicles; fifth-wheel motor homes; personal watercraft;

and boats all should be covered by insurance. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere,

and insurance can protect you.

Also, there is specialty insurance coverage for ATVs, dirt bikes and dune buggies.

Are you aware that golf carts should have insurance, too? Certain communities use golf

carts to get from one place to another. The homeowners policy you have might not cover

all of medical expenses or costs to repair damaged property if you get into an accident while

using your off-road vehicle.

Not all auto insurance companies will offer policies that include recreational vehicles

or off-road vehicles. There are specific companies that sell insurance for either, so ask The

Russell Agency, your professional, independent insurance agent; we will shop around to get

you the best coverage at the best price. The Russell Agency is located in Southport, and serves Fairfield,

Westport and all of Connecticut.

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