Road Trip! Maps, gas, insurance?

Now that the nice weather is finally here, many folks will pile in their cars and hit the road to vacation at the beach, in the mountains, amusement parks, with friends in other cities and states … you name it.

Before you gas up and go, though, here are some tips that could save you some major headaches should your trip take an unexpected detour.

Proof of insurance. Everybody carries their license and registration in their car (or at least, they should!), but do you also have proof of insurance? Your road trip might take you through a state that requires motorists to carry it. Make sure you have it handy in the event you get pulled over or go through a checkpoint.

Roadside assistance. Should you incur a flat tire or othe rmechanical troubles on your journey, you might require roadside assistance.Some car dealers include this as a complimentary perk after your purchase. It’s usually only for a limited time, though, so check its status if you were a recipient. You can buy roadside assistance coverage on your own through companies like AAA, but you should know it also can be added to some auto insurance policies, often for less money.

Belongings.It’s helpful to know coverage is available for your belongings inside the car if they are stolen or damaged during your trip, but it’s usually through homeowners or renters insurance, as opposed to auto insurance, which only covers the vehicle itself. You might need to review more than your auto policy to ensure your protection.

Other drivers. When traveling in a group, many people take turns driving. Your auto policy still covers damage when someone else is behind the wheel.

Contact us. There are other ins and outs to consider when hitting the open road. If you’re planning a trip, give us a call and we’ll make sure you’re prepared.

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