Whiz, Bang Wow....OW!!!!


It’s true that nothing says Fourth of July quite like colorful explosions in the sky. Yet the smart amateur pyro-technician is mindful of state laws and consults his or her independent insurance agent before a single sparkler sparkles.


Remember, except for sparklers and fountains, Connecticut law prohibits the sale, possession or use of fireworks without a permit. Your best bet to celebrate July 4 with fireworks is to attend an officially licensed public display. Insurance usually doesn’t cover damage resulting from illegal acts.

First o fall, fireworks are dangerous:

• According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 8,600 Americans were

injured by fireworks in 2010, with 65 percent of those injuries occurring during the month surrounding July 4.

• According to the National Fire Protection Association in 2010 there was $36 million indirect property damage. Nevertheless, fireworks damage can be covered by your homeowners policy, but you need to be aware of what insurance will and won’t cover:

•Accidentally injuring your neighbor. Your homeowners coverage policy probably will pay for medical expenses within your no-fault limits—typically $1,000 to$5,000.

•Accidentally damaging your neighbor’s house. Your homeowners will probably pay for your legal defense.

• Your neighbor is injured helping you set off fireworks. Again, your homeowners policy probably will pay for medical expenses within your no fault limits.

• You are injured setting off fireworks. Homeowners coverage won’t help you; you’ll need health insurance to cover your costs.

As always, you should talk specifics with us, your professional, independent insurance agent. We know you; we know your policy; and we’re always here to help.

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