CT Insurance Department Issues Guidelines for Processing Claims Resulting From Significant Weather Related Events

In the event of a significant weather related event, the State of Connecticut Department of Insurance  (DOI) issued guidelines on how all insures in the State should handle insurance claims and related matters for their insured.

The DOI states that insurers should promptly and in good faith adjust and satisfy all insurance claims directly resulting from the weather related event while taking into account the magnitude and circumstance of the event. The DOI expects insurers to take the following actions:

1) promptly establish contact with the insured

2) promptly survey and assess the claimant's damage

3) provide prompt and accurate responses to claimants

4) provide prompt payment for additional living expenses and for temporary repairs

5) promptly set appointments with the claimant for examination and resolution of all claim matters.

In addition, the DOI asks insurers to grant policyholders and extended grace period for any payment due at the time of the significant weather event. The insurer will not forgive the premium, but will rather give the insured an additional number of days to pay.

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