Texting and driving—don’t do it!

We’ve all seen someone driving erratically in two lanes of traffic and when we pass the car, sure enough, the person is on his or her cell phone or sending a text message. Let’s be honest, sometimes that person behaving dangerously on the road is us. We all know driving while using a hand-held cell phone isn’t the smartest thing we’ve ever done, but did you know texting while driving causes:

•1.6 million accidents per year (National Safety Council);

• 330,000 injuries per year (Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study);

• 11 teen deaths every day (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Fatality Facts)?

Not only is it dangerous, but the use of hand-held cell phones for talking or texting is illegal. According to state law, hand-held cell phones or mobile electronic devices may not be used while operating a motor vehicle in Connecticut for either phone calls or texting. A driver who violates the law is subject to a fine of up to $75 for a first offense; up to $150 for a second offense; and up to $250 for a subsequent offense.

All these fines and possible points for distracted driving on a driver’s license also can affect car insurance rates and premiums. So, play it safe: Don’t text or talk on your hand-held cell phone unless it’s an emergency. And, if you have any questions about your auto insurance policy, give our agency a call. We are here to help you.

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