Meet The Russell Agency Staff!

On The Russell Agency website under the tab About Us, Why Russell, the very first listing in the drop down column is "Meet The Staff." The staff is listed first because our staff is the most important reason why you would choose The Russell Agency over our competition. Our staff is dedicated to our customers and to each other, knowledgeable on the insurance policies that they handle, and most importantly, really nice people!!! It is a lot of fun to work with such a wonderful group of individuals. My brother George and I are very lucky.

In testament to their hard work, I received an unsolicited email today from one of our clients that read "I called you guys today to make some updates to my auto policy. As usual, the phone was picked up right away and the service was outstanding. Very glad I made the decision long ago to work with The Russell Agency for my insurance needs."

It is not uncommon that I receive emails just like this one from customers praising our staff, but I keep them to myself and staff rather than blog about them. However, after some quiet contemplation, I decided that I should not keep the staffs' great qualities a secret any longer!

I encourage all of you to give us a call, or better yet, come in and meet the staff. I think you will find that they provide a superior level of service, are knowledgeable insurance professionals, and, without a doubt, people you'll really like!

Boy, it's cold outside! Do I hear water? The frozen pipes nightmare.

It's winter—pay special attention to fire safety!