Damn that Ice Dam!

Due to the frigid temperatures, Tuesday's snow is here to stay. With more snow predicted for Saturday and Monday, the potential for water damage to your home from ice damming is increasing by the day. An ice dam occurs on a sloping roof when the snow begins to melt and the melt water begins to make its way down the roof under the layer of snow. As the water reaches the eaves, the freezing air causes the water to freeze. A layer of ice forms and blocks the gutters. The water has no place to go but back up the roof under the roofing material. Ice damming can cause serious water damage to homes.

There are methods to protect yourself from water damage from  ice dams:

1) You can remove snow from the roof with a snow rake.

2) If possible, use roofing materials that shed snow, such as metal roofs.

3) Hire a trained professional to remove the ice build up. Many companies advertise on the internet.

4) Install a roofing membrane under roofing material to help prevent leakage from ice damming.

5) Use ice melt socks.

6) Install an ice belt, which is a band of metal roofing installed at the eaves to help prevent penetration by the standing water.

7) Install heat tape at the eaves to melt channels that allow water to flow to the gutters.

Water damage caused by ice damming is an insured loss under a homeowners policy. The damage caused is subject to your deductible. These preventative steps could help you avoid the unanticipated expense of your deductible.



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