Working Together Since Day One, A Partnership 3 Decades in the Making! The Russell Agency, Holahan, Gumpper and Dowling and The Hartford.

Check out this great story The Hartford did on The Russell Agency and one of our long time clients! The Hartford has been protecting the livelihoods of small business owners for more than 200 years. And 30 years ago, The Hartford became the first company in our industry to create a special unit dedicated serving the unique needs of small business owners and the agents who serve them.

One testament to the success our commitment to the small business community: The first small business customer the unit signed on 30 years ago and the agent who wrote the policy are still working with The Hartford today. Meet the agent and small business owner, and find out what’s made their relationship with The Hartford a successful one.


The small business: Holahan, Gumpper & Dowling

Firm History

  • Second generation law firm.
  • 1975: Kevin Gumpper begins practicing law.
  • 1990: Partnership formed in Bridgeport, CT.
  • 1994: Moved to Fairfield, CT.

Size: Currently 4 lawyers and 3 staff.

Firm Focus: Municipal boards and legal issues in state and federal courts throughout Connecticut. The firm is particularly proud of its high ratings for legal ability and adhering to professional standards.

What makes the firm unique (according to Kevin Gumpper): “We’re hands on, fairly small, we take a lot of interest in our clients. We take a lot of interest in their cases. And, we have a lot of experience.”

The insurance agent: The Russell Agency

Firm History

  • Third generation agency
  • 1941: Business started in Fairfield, CT.
  • 1968: Harris Russell joins agency, which at the time sells real estate and insurance.
  • 1980s: Business shifts focus to insurance.
  • 1990s: George and Tim Russell join family firm.

Size: Currently 11 staff members.

Firm Focus: Serving the personal and business insurance needs of their clients in Connecticut.

What makes the firm unique (according to George Russell): “Fairfield is not an industrial town. It’s a lot of small businesses – retail, restaurants, small stores... We deal one on one with small business owners active in things like Kiwinas, Rotary club, different things around town. Through that we get to meet all the other business owners. We’ve been here forever. Seems to work out pretty well for us. We’re not trying to target the bigger customers but more main street customers. That’s what we are good at. That’s why we like The Harford.”

How the relationship began (according to George Russell): “Back in the 40’s with Kevin Gumpper’s father. I’m sure they golfed together. That’s how people did things back then. Things are a little different now…”

Reason for long history: “Personal relationships.”

What George Russell looks for in a provider: “We need the product and we need a firm that can stand behind it. So when it is time for a claim, they can step up and take care of the client. That’s where the rubber hits the road. We absolutely get that from The Hartford.”

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