It's Going to Snow Again? Get Me Out of Here!!!

As we in Connecticut patiently await another 5 to 9 inches of snow, I begin to wonder why I am not on a plane to one of my favorite vacation spots. It's probably because all flights are cancelled due the f#%&ing snow. In no particular order, here are some great places to be other than in Connecticut.

1) Key West, FL - If you like to be where the fun doesn't stop, this is a great place to be. I recommend flying into Miami and driving down as the ride is beautiful. Stop in Marathon for a night or two, as its also a great place. In Key West, I would stay at the Parrot Key and in Marathon I recommend Coral Lagoon Resort and Marina.

2) Vieques, Puerto Rico - Vieques is where a lot of Key West people go on vacation. That pretty much sums up the island. It's a beautiful place with unspoiled beaches and only one major brand hotel. I'd recommend renting the Touch of Glass Beach House rather than staying at a hotel. The home is right in the town of Isabella Segundo so you can walk to the restaurants and bars, yet it has its own private beach.

3) The Big Island, Hawaii - The Big Island is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, from the cattle farms in the north to the Volcano National Park in the South and the rain forest in between. If you're going, I recommend you stay at the Hali Kai condominiums.

I am going to go shovel now, but I might just wear a bathing suit. If I can't be where I want to be, I can at least dress like I'm where I want to be.


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