Does your homeowners policy cover your garage sale exposure?

There’s more to a garage sale than organizing the items you no longer want (someone else’s treasure); putting them in your front lawn; and posting signs in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to check your homeowners or renters insurance policy. That’s right. Most standard homeowners and renters insurance policies provide liability protection, which offers you coverage if someone is injured on your property or causes damage to your property. But, why not give our agency a call to make sure you have all the necessary coverages in place? The last thing you want is to have to pay someone’s medical fees when you were just trying to clear a little space in your attic or basement.

To avoid any potential injury, make sure your property is in good shape. Repair anything that might fall on someone or anything someone might trip over and fall. Keep sharp objects out of the reach of children and don’t sell anything that you know is unsafe or hazardous. And, keep your pets inside during your sale.

Keep in mind, while a one-time yard sale should be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy, if you plan to host frequent yard sales or use a yard sale as a fund raiser for charity, just double check with us first. Once an activity becomes for-profit, even if it’s a “hobby,” it can void a homeowners insurance policy, so you might need special coverage.

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