Trampolines and Insurance

If you own a trampoline and someone is injured on it, your standard homeowners insurance policy should cover the incident. When your policy is new, or when it’s renewed, you might be asked if you have a trampoline. If you don’t maintain the trampoline, the insurance company may reject or nonrenew your policy. Some companies may refuse to insure a homeowner with a trampoline altogether. Trampoline injuries (e.g., sprains and fractures, paralysis or death), are a leading cause of emergency-room trips in the U.S. each year. The dangerous nature of trampolines is the reason your insurance company scrutinizes the use of them.

Play it safe. Make sure children have adult supervision; only let one person jump on the device at a time; designate spotters; cover all metal with padding; and remove ladders to prevent unauthorized use.

If you want to purchase a trampoline, give us a call. We’ll discuss your coverage options. If you’ve purchased the trampoline, give us a call too. A trampoline creates the kind of exposure (like swimming pools and dogs), that calls for higher policy limits. We can make sure you have the proper coverage to protect yourself and those you allow on your trampoline.

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