Most ATV Fatalities are Preventable

With the abundance of beautiful wooded and rural areas, it’s no surprise that off-roading on an ATV is a popular recreational choice. To partake in your favorite activity safely, keep in mind that most ATV-related fatalities occur on public or private roads, especially when engaging in risky behavior. ATVs are designed to allow you to ride in conditions that normal vehicles cannot handle: Rocky and grassy terrain and steep trails are no challenge for an ATV; however, while these vehicles can reach highway speeds, the low-pressure tires are not designed for paved surfaces, and can overturn.

Important safety tips: First, drive an ATV in the way it was meant to be driven—off road. Second, treat driving your ATV the way you would treat driving your car or your motorcycle: sober and with safety gear (i.e., helmets). Finally, consider a dedicated ATV insurance policy, which could cover the following:

  • Collision. Collision pays for damages to an ATV caused by impact with another ATV, tree, other vehicle, etc. However, collision does not cover cosmetic issues, only structural damage.
  • Comprehensive. This coverage pays for what collision doesn’t—subject to exclusions in the policy.
  • Bodily injury/property liability. This coverage offers protection in the event of injury to people or damage property.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist. This protection will cover injuries and damage an uninsured or underinsured individual is liable for legally, but can’t pay.

The risk is clear: Overall, only 13 percent of drivers and 6 percent of passengers killed wore helmets, and around 75 percent of fatal ATV crashes involved only one vehicle, 56 percent of which involved a rollover. Give our agency a call to discuss ATV insurance, and ride safely!


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