Insured Losses From Lightning Strikes Drop to 10-Year Low

The Insurance Information Institute found that total insured losses from lightning in 2013 were $673.5 million, down 30.5 percent from 2012 and 8.4 percent from a decade ago. Insurers paid about $1 billion annually between 2010 and 2012 for lightning losses. In 2013, insurers paid 114,740 claims, a decline of 24 percent from the year before, and on average, each claim cost $5,869, or 8.3 percent lower than the previous year. At the same time, average cost per claim over the 10 years rose nearly 122 percent from $2,646 to $5,869. The Institute blamed the rise in part on an increase in valuable electronics in homes. Georgia topped the list of states with the highest number of claims, with insurers paying $56 million in losses there last year (Go Dawgs!).

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