Don't Be Tricked This Halloween!!

You may spend weeks preparing for Halloween, carving pumpkins and making costumes. Is your insurance ready?

What happens if a child falls on your walk and the parents sue you for medical costs?

Unfortunately, you may be held liable. The liability portion of a standard homeowners insurance policy will cover your defense

and the payment of damages for such an event.

There are other insurance related considerations to think about, too. What if your house is vandalized? Although most homeowners policies cover

vandalism, you’ll need to determine whether the damage is more than your deductible. Here are a few more tips for a great Halloween:

• Turn on all outside lights. Leave them on all night to deter vandalism.

• Make sure walks and pathways are clear of debris; if a pumpkin is smashed on your walkway, clean it up right away to avoid slips.

• Burn candles in a safe location.

• Be sure your treats are safe for small children.

If you have any questions regarding your homeowners insurance and the coverage you have, give our agency a call. Take

the scare out of Halloween with the right insurance.


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