Slipping and Falling in Enfield, CT

In December of 2009, Patricia Robinson slipped on a patch of ice on a sidewalk in front of a home in Enfield, CT. Robinson sued the property owners for her injuries. Robinson's attorney argued that the homeowners were negligent for not shoveling their sidewalk and , therefore, were responsible for Robinson's injuries. End of story, right? The Connecticut Supreme Court found that the Town of Enfield, not the property owners, is liable for injuries suffered on slippery sidewalks. Under the ruling, homeowners and property owners are still responsible for clearing their sidewalks, but are not liable for any injuries sustained if they do not clear the sidewalks.

The Court's ruled that even though property owners are responsible for clearing their own sidewalks, the Town of Enfield never explicitly made anyone liable for injuries if the property owner does not clear the sidewalk.

Until Enfield enacts a new legislation that shifts the responsibility to the property owner, the Town finds itself liable for any slips on icy sidewalks.

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