Is your Zipcar covered? Car-Sharing may not be...

Car-sharing companies like RelayRides and Zipcars have been created to meet the needs of people who do not own a car. This peer-to-peer service connects a car owner who is willing to authorize use of the car with someone in need of a car. In response, ISO filed the optional multistate Personal Vehicle Sharing Program Exclusion Endorsement (PP 23 16), which has been approved in Connecticut effective Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015. When this endorsement is added to the policy, the car owner’s policy ("your covered auto") is not covered for Part A—Liability, Part—Medical Payments, Part C—Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist and Part D—Coverage For Damage To Your Auto when "a. enrolled in a personal vehicle sharing program under the terms of a written agreement; and b. being used in connection with such personal vehicle sharing program by anyone other than you or any ’family member.’" Since renters likely have no coverage of their own, the owners would be relying on coverage provided by the car-sharing company, which may have unfavorable conditions and exclusions.      

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