Electric Wheel Chair Insurance

Electric wheelchairs and their cousins, mobility scooters, provide valuable, life-changing assistance for those with impaired movement. The impact these vehicles have on lives cannot be overstated. The impact they have on one’s bank account is substantial as well. Like any significant investment, owning a wheelchair or scooter brings with it insurance implications. “What happens if it’s damaged or stolen?” is a popular worry. Luckily, it’s a possession covered by standard homeowners or renters insurance—and exempt from the motor-vehicle exclusion that requires us to secure separate coverage for cars and trucks. Therefore, homeowners or renters insurance would reimburse you should your electric wheelchair or scooter be damaged or stolen—up to your policy limits and subject to policy deductibles.

However, if you have, or anticipate needing such a vehicle, you should give us a call or stop by the office to talk. Such expensive and critical medical equipment may warrant a policy add-on called a rider to cover it properly. With a rider, we can be sure the full value of the chair or scooter is covered, and we may even be able to save you the cost of a deductible should you file a claim.

Of course, that covers just owning the vehicle. Concerns emerge regarding liability when you consider operating a wheelchair or scooter.

A standard homeowners or renters policy offers personal liability coverage starting at $100,000 per occurrence, which is defined as “a single accident, or damage resulting from a prolonged exposure to the same set of conditions.”

You may wish to increase that amount with a personal umbrella policy. Umbrella policies can extend coverage into the $5-10 million range. Regardless, you really should give us a call or stop by the office to talk. We’re always glad to see you, and we’ll make sure you get coverage you can afford.

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