Protect Your Home from Water Damage!

The Russell Agency and AIG Private Client Group, a division of the member companies of American International Group, Inc., know that your home is more than a structure, it’s where memories are made and valuable time is spent with your loved ones. Together we want to help you protect your home from one of the most common and disastrous kinds of loss—water damage. Plumbing issues, appliance malfunction and frozen pipes are some of the most prevalent causes of water damage and can result in major inconveniences and family disruptions (view this video to learn more). However, the risk to your home and valuables can be greatly reduced with the installation of a water shutoff device. These devices sense and stop excessive water flow before it wreaks havoc on your home.

AIG Private Client Group makes it easy for you to protect your home with a water shutoff device. Their preferred vendor, Water Security Solutions, can help you select the best shutoff device for your specific needs, connect you to a qualified local plumber for installation, and provide ongoing support and customer service throughout the process. In addition, as a valued AIG Private Client Group policyholder, you are eligible to receive discounted prices on devices.

Please feel free to contact your independent insurance advisor, George Russell at if you have any questions in this regard.

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