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Winter Driving Tips

During the winter season, drivers can protect themselves and their passengers by

following a few travel guidelines:

• Before heading out, make sure your vehicle is tuned up and in good shape for

travel. Check to make sure your tire tread is good, or switch over to snow tires.

• If snow is predicted during your travel time, change your schedule. It’s better to

reschedule than to risk the safety of others.

• Stay alert when driving. Take plenty of breaks.

• Keep your speed down. Give yourself plenty of time and distance to react to the

traffic around you.

• Clear snow from windows, mirrors and roof. Keep headlights and tail lights clean.

• Carry an emergency kit—a blanket, flashlight, duct tape, a change of clothing,

snacks, bottled water, jumper cables and shovel in your trunk. Kitty litter or sand

also is useful to gain traction if you get stuck. And, before you head out, call our

agency if you have any questions regarding your auto insurance and the coverage

you have.