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Chubb Insurance Company specializes in providing personal insurance coverage to highly successful individuals and their families. Once an individual has achieved a certain level of success, Chubb is where they go to protect the assets they treasure most. As an agency based insurance company, individuals are not able to gain direct access to Chubb coverage and must go through a Chubb agent. Which begs the questions, with over 15,000 Chubb agents nationwide, what makes The Russell Agency, LLC the best choice for the high net worth clientele?


Since 1941, The Russell Agency, LLC has built a client base that consists of the most successful individuals and families in Connecticut. Our agency specializes in property and casualty coverage for the affluent. We at The Russell Agency, LLC are equipped to handle our clients polices from both a commercial and personal coverage standpoint, and are widely recognized for our ability to custom tailor our clients policies to reflect their unique needs. Our agents are extensively trained to identify gaps in coverage while recognizing that many high net worth individuals face risks which are unique and, as such, require a risk manager to advise them as to what they need instead of an order taker to listen to what they think they want. It is because of our in depth knowledge of Chubb products that we are able to design insurance programs that best fit our clients’ needs with the best pricing offered by Chubb.

The Russell Agency, LLC has been recognized as a Chubb Cornerstone Agency, giving our agents direct access to senior Chubb Insurance executives and 24-hour customer service, guaranteeing that our clients receive the most effective service in the event of a loss through our special claims contacts. The program is Chubb’s vehicle to recognize their preferred business partners. This select group of business partners represents less than 15% of appointed agents.

Exceptional knowledge, family values, and a commitment to excellence make The Russell Agency, LLC the broker of choice for the people who need us the most.

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