Commercial Property Insurance

When it comes to protecting your business, commercial property insurance could be one of the most important coverages you have!

While most Business Owner Policies (BOPs) do provide some coverage for property, this typically only pertains to the actual structure of your business. This type of coverage will protect your business from events of “peril” – weather-related damage – and causes of loss – such a theft. But your business is much more than that.

What about the technology inside of your business – the computers and other equipment – or the furniture, outdoor signs or parking lot upkeep? These are all things that your commercial property insurance will cover. This type of policy takes care of the things that your BOP does not.

It is different from other business insurance solutions because it is designed to protect specific aspects of your company, such as:

The structure of your building of office
Your inventory
Outdoor signs
And more!
At The Russell Agency, LLC, we understand that it can be confusing to determine which types of protection your business requires. The good news is commercial property insurance is completely customizable. Your business needs are unique and you can design a policy that covers the things most important to your business and does not cover the things that are not.

You can sit down with one of our agents today and go over the specifics of your business – what your needs are, where your priorities fall, and what exactly your BOP already covers. Together we can come up with a policy that takes care of all of your complex needs and we can do it at a rate that you can afford. Get in touch with us today and we can ease your worries and get you the most comprehensive insurance policy your business requires.

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