Long Term Care Insurance

Assisted living costs are rising each year, so why bite the bullet and pay when our agency can handle it for you?

The decision to place an elderly loved one in long term care is never easy, but sometimes you just simply know it’s time. However, while you may think the decision to place someone in assisted care is the hardest part, it’s only just the beginning. Between choosing a facility you trust and finding one you can afford, there’s always a lot of work to be done. Specifically, the cost of an assisted living facility can be a large burden on the family or individual covering the cost which is why our agency offers some of the most valuable long term care insurance plans in Connecticut.

Did you know that the average annual cost of a private nursing home room is $87,000? This is a pretty staggering number, and you’d be hard pressed to find a lot of families who can afford this price. The Russell Agency, LLC understands that the love you have for your family members outweighs any price, however we believe that those who need the financial help deserve it.

A long term care insurance plan will do exactly what you need it to. It will cover all costs relating to assisted living and private nursing homes and can be catered and customized to fit a variety of needs. Currently, long term care insurance premiums are on the rise because of the increase in the first wave of baby boomers heading into retirement. Don’t you want to get ahead of the curve and figure this out now before it’s too late?

The Russell Agency, LLC is committed to finding the best coverage rates available for Connecticut residents looking for long term care insurance. We believe it is our duty to help, so by contacting us today by dialing 888-926-3564 or filling out the form on this page will answer all your questions!

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