Professional Liability Insurance

When a liability incident happens, there will be no time to panic because we’ll already have the situation solved

You’ve worked hard your entire life to be able to experience the opportunity of having a professional career in Connecticut. After all the school and experience, you’re finally in a position to truly advance your career and look towards the future. But what if something happens along the way? What if you make an administrative error and that leads to a client’s misfortune? The possibility of a situation like this arising should be enough reason to look into our professional liability insurance.

While working in a professional landscape has its advantages, it’s important you’re ready for unfortunate surprises that come your way. Whether you work at a bank, law firm or any other kind of professional company you must be cognizant of the fact that errors and mistakes can be made, and if they directly affect a client in a negative fashion, the consequences may be severely damaging. However, with professional liability coverage you can take solace in the fact that the consequences will be mitigated.

Professionals like you are educated and trained to specialize in a particular service, but no matter how much training or experience you have, you’re still prone to mistakes. Errors & omissions are common in professional landscapes that deal with client services. Whether you’re a lawyer or a financial advisor in Connecticut, if you make a mistake and it directly affects a client, your errors & omissions coverage will kick in and protect you from any legal issues that subsequently evolve as the result of the incident.

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