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A household inventory—well worth the time

What is a household inventory and why do I need one?

A household inventory could prove invaluable if you lost some or all of your household belongings in a fire, burglary or natural disaster. A household inventory is a list of all the personal belongings in your home including when and where you bought each item, their original cost and any identifying information, such as model or serial numbers. For an investment of just a few hours, you can survey your belongings and be prepared in the event of a loss.


How do I take my own inventory?

There are three basic steps. First, list

all of your major belongings and furnishings. There are two ways to take or create your inventory. The first is
room by room. If you choose this method, you would list all the contents (i.e., couch, loveseat, T.V., stereo, etc.) with the make, model number, description, original price and any comments.


The second method is categorically (i.e., Entertainment: T.V.—living room; T.V.—bedroom; DVDs A, B, C and D—living room; DVDs E, F, G and H—bedroom, etc.) again each with the make, model number, description, original price and comments. Attach any applicable receipts and appraisals.


The second step is to back up your inventory list with photographs or video. Take photos or video every room, with closet and cabinet doors open. Note the date, contents shown and location.