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What is a hurricane deductible?

The Connecticut Legislature passed Public Act 12-62, which was signed into law in June 2012. According to the act, insurers are allowed to impose a hurricane deductible in the policy in lieu of an overall policy deductible for homeowners and certain other policies issued or renewed on or after July 1, 2012, if a hurricane results in a maximum sustained surface wind of 74 miles per hour or more for any part of the state. This provision applies to a: 1) homeowners, tenants, mobile manufactured home and other property and casualty insurance for personal, family or household needs other than workers' compensation insurance; 2) condominium association master policy; and 3) unit owners' association property insurance policy.

The deductible applies from the time the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane warning for any part of this state and ends 24 hours after the National Hurricane Center: 1) terminates the last hurricane warning for any part of this state, or 2) issues its last downgrade of the hurricane from hurricane status for any part of this state, whichever is earlier.