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The Russell Agency, LLC Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Is it covered?

We assume all our possessions will be covered if we lose them or if they are

damaged, but do you know how your insurance policy will truly respond—or

even which one will respond when it is needed? Sometimes you need additional

coverage. If you have an item on this list, give our agency a call and we can help

you check your policies and verify your coverage limits.

Snowmobiles. Typically, a snowmobile is not covered by a homeowners, renters,

or auto policy if it is used, or transported off your property. A snowmobile policy

offers you collision, comprehensive, and accessory coverage. It also will help you

pay your medical bills if you are injured, and bodily injury liability and property

damage liability if you injure others or their property.

Boat stored on your property during winter. Depending on the value of

your boat (typically over $2,000), your homeowners insurance policy probably

won’t cover it if you store it on your property during the winter. A watercraft

insurance policy is probably your best bet, which may have lay-up provisions for

winter storage.

Possessions left in your car. Most auto policies won’t pay to replace items that

are inside your car if it is stolen. However, these items may be covered by your

homeowners policy. If you need to keep a lot of expensive items in your car, give

our agency a call.

Jacuzzis. Generally, Jacuzzis are covered by your homeowners policy and offer

liability protection if a guest is injured in or around the tub.

High-value items. Items like jewelry, furs, gold, and firearms, and many

items of a unique or special value have very limited coverage under a standard

homeowners policy, which may make additional insurance advisable.