Group Benefits

Acquiring employer group benefits can be hard, but with our agency we will streamline the process for you just like that.

When businesses of any size offer competitive health benefits, they are able to attract a larger number of candidates to work for them. By not offering health benefits or offering coverage that is below standard, your Connecticut business may fall behind in the employee recruiting race. Since having the best talent working under you is necessary for continued growth and success, don’t you want to retain employees with reliable and affordable group benefits?

An employee group benefits policy provided by your company will give your workers the safety and peace of mind they need when working. Since it’s likely some prospective employees will have spouses and children, offering health insurance is a large part of luring people to come work for you. Simply put, group benefits will be the security you and your employees look for when it’s needed the most.

Group benefits will normally include:

  • Health insurance
  • Buy / Sell Life Insurance Agreement
  • Retirement plans
  • Workers compensation
  • Disability insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • And more!

Whether an employee has a sick family member or they are looking to work out their retirement future, your employee benefits will be there for them and their families no matter what. It’s up to you, as the business owner, to make sure your company has a sound group benefits policy.

At The Russell Agency, LLC we understand the pressure for employers to offer employee benefits in Connecticut, which is why we want to make the process as simple as possible for whoever walks through our doors. If you decide to contact us today, our representatives can help your company grow by getting you the best coverage available.

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