Thank you very much for being the best you can be. When I think of insurance agents, and what great people they are, I always think of you. Somehow you make this nonsensical world of insurance seem understandable and fun, yes fun!
— Jim Bebon

Happy Clients


No lie – you are the fastest insurance agent I have ever worked with.  Thank you so much.

— Brian R.

That was easy, thanks!

— K.M.

I really appreciate your timeliness.

— T. Porchea

Thank you. Best service ever . I appreciate you.

— Barbara M.


Thank you very much for your great service

— Mike

As always, thank you so much for the quick response and outstanding service!

Wanted to tell you that the men who helped me with the insurance cancellation and moving to the condo where so nice and called me back when they said, that is the best. 

As an aside I have been with direct to consumer companies for the past 30+ years (mostly because I worked for them at some point) and I must say that the service I have received from your firm has been awesome. My grandfather used to be in the insurance business and he always used to say “your insurance is only as good as your agent”. That is true. Please accept my thanks and pass along to your team. If service is where you define your firm you are doing a great job!  

— Chris B.


Thanks again for making the transition from Liberty Mutual so painless. As I said, I went with you and The Russell Agency because of all the agencies I contacted, you were the most responsive, had the best choices of coverages and were the best price. I look forward to many years of doing business with you.

— Richard H.

Absolutely impressed. I just sent an pdf with my request, and you handled the whole communication with the lease company/insurance and updated me after it is complete

Thank you Tim.  I have the utmost confidence in you.  You have served us well for many years and I appreciate your good work and concern for our welfare.

You guys are GREAT!



You arethe best. Best in service, follow through and best in professionalism. You and the Russell agency have made insurance such an easy thing not just for the past month or so but for the past 30 years.

— J. Starr

Thanks so much for taking care of this so promptly Tim – the Russell Agency is the best!

Hi to George and have a great weekend as well!

— Richard H.

Thank you for taking good care of me!

— Maggie Moffitt Rahe


You guys are great and I honestly love you!  Weird but true.  You have been very good to me, my family and my businesses for many many years since day one of my first business.  You have always been there for us for even the smallest pain in the neck minutia.

Thank you so much for being such a great Company and having such great patient competent people working for you.

— H. Vincent-Gorman

For the last 43 years, I never worried about our  insurance issues thanks
to your great agency and staff. I still miss the great chats I had with
your father many many years ago.

— K. Kondo

I was a client of The Russell Agency a few years ago before I got married. After discussing with my husband, we are considering changing insurance agencies and because of my fabulous experience with your agency, I would like to discuss the possibility of working with you on our car and home insurance.

— J. Miller