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Customer Testimonials

“Ur the best

Brad L

“Many many thanks for your help. You and your team are the best.”

Osman N.

“You are the best!”

Jim P.

“Thank you again for the quick turnaround.
I’m impressed by your sharp focus on service.”

Don I.

“Sue, you have been an amazing help to us. I talk to Lori often, we just downsized the Wilton office. I would have hired you years ago had they been similar businesses… you are simply the best!”


“You’re the best!”

Alegra J.

“James was very helpful in discussing the considerations and getting her a policy that she was comfortable with.”

Jim V

“Lori thank you very much all you guys at Russell have been amazing during this time and it’s so appreciated, having a small business is a challenge in normal times this is a whole different animal.

Ray F.

“Thank you so much Tim!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it – I was going crazy trying to get this bond thru my insurance company and then online. I’m so glad Brian suggested I call you. As a matter of fact, you made me realize how much I miss dealing with an agent I know”

Maryhelen S.

“I had to take a moment to thank you and compliment you on your staff member, Vince. I am a retired Senior and have been with you for several years. My experience with QBE Insurance has been an upsetting situation to say the least. Vince is the most caring individual, who always took the time to listen to me and do as much as possible for me. with patience and kindness. He is truly an asset to your company.”

Grace C.

“You are the BEST!
Thank you so much for your assistance and guidance. I truly appreciate your help.”


“Thank you for all your hard work Jackie , it most assuredly does not go unappreciated.”

Paul W.

“I hold Nick in the highest regard for his expertise and outstanding customer satisfaction. Nick was able to analyze our organization’s commercial property, liability and workers comp coverage, provide recommendations and set us up with coverage that exceeded our prior coverage and saved us money. Nick and the Russell Agency staff are a pleasure to work with! Jessie M. Fennell, Human Resources Management”

Jessie F.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Nicholas. He proactively found insurance solutions for me that gave me better coverage than I had before, AND for less money. He’s been available outside of business hours to answer questions and is always very responsive. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch insurance broker”

Dawn H.

“Thank you for your very prompt service!”

Chester B.

“Hi, Jaron -Thanks again for your excellent and valuable help!”

John F.

“Lori, Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. You are the best.”

Neil H.

“After years of working with the same broker and insurance company, we finally had enough of creeping policy rates and slow reactive service from the brokers. A number of people had recommended The Russell Agency. James was a revelation. We met to talk through our “brief”, he reviewed all our personal insurance policies and he came up with great alternatives among the premium insurance providers. In doing so he managed to improve our coverage and save us $8,000 a year in premiums – and he made the switch seamless. James clearly knows what he is doing and loves what he is doing. He always responds quickly and thoughtfully – and he and his team are just a pleasure to work with. We’ve been happy to recommend James”


“Friendly, knowledgeable and professional, James will always be our go-to insurance guy, and we are thankful to have found him.”

Jamie & Ashley

“Already done, thanks. When you didn’t reply, I suspected you were away, and asked Jaron and James. They quickly fulfilled the request. Good job!”


“You are the greatest, thanks!!”


“I wanted to thank you for being so quick, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. You made this process a pleasure. Many thanks for everything! You are fantastic.”


“Always appreciative of your prompt service!”


“When I was away for the holidays and came back to find extensive water damage, James and his team took wonderful care of me. I was very thankful for their support; all was handled quickly and professionally.”


“It has been an honor working with you these past years. You have been such a responsible and dedicated person to work with and I’ll really miss our daily emails/calls.”


“Thank you so much for the brilliant help on this!”


“The Russell Agency was recommended to me by a close friend to quote and see what comes back. I made the call and after sitting with James Bernatchez I found him to one of the most knowledgeable agents I ever met over the past 25 years. I went with James and we were able bring down my cost and increase the coverage needed as my family grows in age with a highly reputable carrier. I am so pleased to be with The Russell Agency!”


“Thank you for many years of excellent service from you, Tim and your entire team! The Russell Agency is a “top notch” firm.”


“Thanks so much. You know that these instantaneous responses are really going to spoil me! But I do appreciate it. Thanks again.”


“I want you to know how amazing Jackie is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Guys, Thank you so much. Can I make a comment….. in the age of zero customer service, automated answers, robo-calling, it is such a pleasure to have outstanding customer service. Lori was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Sue, you of course always keep me in line and are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you again, always a pleasure doing business with the Russell Agency.”


“We have always found your agency to be helpful in navigating this maze of options. I especially appreciate your offices willingness to review our file periodically for savings. Every penny counts!”


“Thank you again for superior service.”


“I hold Nick in the highest regard for his expertise and outstanding customer satisfaction. Nick was able to analyze or organization’s commercial property, liability and worker’s compensation coverage, provide recommendations and set us up with coverage that exceeded our prior coverage and saved us money. Nick and The Russell Agency Staff are a pleasure to work with!”


“I wish all agents were more like you – I very much so admire how dedicated you are and how you take care of the insured –”

Katie P.

“It was really nice speaking with you as well. Thank you so much for always being a pleasure to work with. -”

Nicholas K.

“I highly recommend James Bernatchez. I was having a hard time finding insurance on a very unique home and he was able to efficiently secure me a great policy with a company I trust [AIG]. Thank you very much, I love the house!”


“Our company and others around me have come to depend on Nicholas’s enthused and energetic performance as an agent!”


“Thank you, Jaron. You are the best!”


“Pleasure working with you and everyone at Russell!!”