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House Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Address Reptitive Loss Properties

Bipartisan legislation, the Repeated Flooded Communities Preparation Act,was introduced in the House of Representatives last week in an attempt to address repetitive loss properties covered by the National Flood Insurance Program. The act, a companion to the bipartisan S.2088, would require communities with 50 or more repetitive loss structures receiving claims from the NFIP or federal assistance through the Stafford Act, to identify and develop mitigation strategies to address the issue of repetitive claims. The strategies could include improvements to drainage systems, voluntary buyout programs, or other steps to reduce flooding in the community. Failure to comply could subject communities to sanctions. Individual repetitive loss properties—defined as insured structures with two or more NFIP claims over $1,000 in a 10-year period—also may qualify for assistance under the Repetitive Flood Claims grant program.

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