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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

What happens when your basic liability insurance for your business just isn’t enough? The costs accrued from lawsuits and court visits can add up quickly, and if your business doesn’t take advantage of commercial umbrella insurance, you could find yourself in hot water. 

Not only will you have to pay out of pocket, but you won’t have the peace of mind you deserve as a business owner. It’s important to keep in mind that the cost it takes to overcome legal issues can make or break your business — and when your business is your livelihood, you’ll do anything to keep it safe. 

With a respectable insurance agency like The Russell Agency, LLC, you can get the coverages you need for your business. 

What is commercial umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance also exists for individuals, and it helps them cover costs that aren’t covered by their other policies. This helps keep them above water if something devastating were to happen, and keeps them from having to pay tons of money out of pocket. 

For businesses, it’s just the same. Commercial umbrella insurance provides extra liability to help you protect what is rightfully yours. These policies typically cover the same things that your basic insurance covers. 

For example, if you have general liability insurance for your small business, but your coverage isn’t enough to bridge the gap of a lawsuit, your umbrella coverage would help you cover it. 

Have peace of mind with The Russell Agency, LLC 

When you work with The Russell Agency, LLC, we’ll get to know your company to help you decide what level of commercial umbrella insurance coverage you need to protect your business. Our goal is to help you stay out of debt while protecting your livelihood. 

Whether you experience a major theft, bodily injury, or your building is damaged due to a natural disaster, we can help you adopt a commercial umbrella policy that helps your business stay on your feet. 

Give us a call today at 203-255-2877 to talk about your options! 

We can’t wait to hear from you!