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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

If you own a small business in which you provide either professional services or advice to your clients, it’s ideal that you have solid professional liability coverage. 

It can take just one instance for your business to be under water financially if you were to be sued by a client for negligence.

In the case that a client would sue your business, professional liability can help you stay afloat with court costs and liability. A client could sue you for any number of reasons, but professional liability helps to cover you if you’re sued because of negligence, or if your work doesn’t meet the expectations of the client.

Industries that are smart to opt for professional liability insurance include architects, engineers, attorneys, real estate agents, accountants, and counselors — just to name a few. 

If you’re not sure if your industry needs professional liability insurance, feel free to call the experts at The Russell Agency, LLC at {[ | phone }} to learn more about our coverage options and how they can help your business!

Types of coverage your business receives with professional liability insurance

There are two types of coverage that you’ll likely receive when you opt for professional liability. 

First, defense costs. This coverage provides the costs necessary to cover your defense in court when a claim is reported by one of your clients. One of the best parts of professional liability is that it can help cover you whether the claim is truthful or frivolous.

The second coverage has to do with negligence. Whether it’s alleged or truthful, this kind of coverage can help protect your business from omissions if you were to find yourself being blamed for incorrect advice or even failing to deliver a service.

Interested in professional liability insurance? 

If you know that your business requires professional liability insurance, or you’d simply like to live with peace of mind, the agents at The Russell Agency, LLC. We provide a range of coverage options that can help give you peace about the services you provide and help provide for you if things go wrong. 

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