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Business Life Insurance

Business Life Insurance

When you lose a key person on your team, you have to put in time and effort to find a replacement, while dealing with the grief that follows. 

To make the transition as easy as possible, you should consider opting for a robust key-person business life insurance policy for your business.

Key-person life insurance is a policy that helps to cover financial losses that happen when a key person in your business dies. Not only does this help you keep your business running throughout the transition, but it also ensures that you can continuously make customers and employees happy.

When you sign up for a key-person life insurance policy for your business, you’ll receive a death benefit should anything happen to a key person on your team. This money can go toward recruiting a replacement for the lost team member and ensuring that they’re trained in all capacities to keep the process running smoothly. 

It’s also possible that some key-person life insurance policies offer cash value which is available to your company via withdrawal in some situation.

When you opt for this kind of policy, your business will pay the premium, and the premiums are non-deductible. 

Although it’s hard to think about the what-ifs for your company, it’s crucial to purchase insurance policies that could help your business succeed in case the unexpected strikes. Losing a key person on your team is likely unforeseen, and having a policy that can help your business move on seamlessly is crucial to its continued success. 

When you turn to the right insurance agency for your needs, they’ll likely also provide business life insurance for employees. This kind of personal business life insurance ensures that your employees have coverage if they were to pass away. 

Business life insurance can provide peace of mind for your employees and your families. 

Are you interested in key-person life insurance from your company? 

If you’re interested in purchasing a key-person life insurance policy for your company to provide peace of mind, is here for you. We also provide business life insurance for your employees to offer peace of mind to them and their families.

We provide key-person life insurances to keep your business running smoothly and provide a variety of coverage options for you to choose from. 

If you’re not sure what coverage option is right for you, our agents can help. We’re always available for a phone call at 203-255-2877 and we’d love to talk to you about your options.