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Probate Bonds

from The Russell Agency, LLC

Probate Bonds Insurance

What are probate bonds, and why do you need them? There are a lot of questions about bonds and what their role is in your life, and it’s up to agencies like to be sure that you understand the ins and outs of every bond available. 

As far as probate bonds, they’re also known as estate bonds, executor bonds, and even fiduciary bonds. 

In a nutshell, when one of your loved ones passes away, you’ll be left with their will. The will is a list of items that the deceased wishes for you to carry out — whether it be with their property, their belongings, or even their own burial.

If you’re the owner of the will or the will executor, you will need to purchase a probate bond. This bond ensures that the wishes of the diseased are carried out properly, honestly, and with integrity. Not only that, but this kind of bond ensures that if fraud is involved, those affected are reimbursed. 

But probate bonds don’t only come in with deceased loved ones — you might also hear of them in the context of caring for someone who is disabled. If they can’t care for their own belongings, or find it hard to make their own decisions, it’s also necessary to have a probate bond in this situation. 

If you’re still confused about probate bonds and if you need one, you’re not alone.

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