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The Russell Agency, LLC Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Drive Safely, Save More

When motorists have exceptional driving skills (i.e., they drive safely), they may be able to get their auto insurance rates assessed based on how they drive. This kind of auto insurance is called usage-based insurance-...

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Insuring your backyard barbecue

Did you install a pool in your backyard and decide to host a summer barbecue? Before inviting people over, doublecheck that you have the right insurance coverage. In-ground and above-ground pools Pools-whether in-ground...

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We Don't Let You Down

When times get hard, we don’t let you down. We know how drastically the COVID-19 pandemic affected your day-to-day routine. Those affects still may be reverberating. Before, during and after-we keep our promise to be...

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Simple Household Pest Control Methods

No one likes the thought of having pests in their home, whether they be rodents, cockroaches, ants, or any other common household pests. If pest activity is common in your area, it is important to take steps to prevent...

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