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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Homeowners Beware: Infestation and Animal Damage Exclusions

Homeowners Beware: Infestation and Animal Damage Exclusions - Wildlife is a pleasure to experience - but not inside your home. Animals can move into your attic, walls, chimney or other nooks and crannies. Dealing with...

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Occurrence vs. Claims Made

What Is an Occurrence-Based Policy vs. a Claims-Made Policy? - A liability insurance policy helps pay for expenses related to a loss suffered by another person or business that occurred on your property or because of...

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Having A Water Emergency?

Having Water in an Emergency - In the event of an emergency, having an ample supply of clean water is the top priority, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A normally active person needs to drink at...

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Hazards in Your Home Storage Areas

Hazards in Your Home Storage Areas - Many American families have an accumulation of stuff in their homes: gasoline cans, spare oil, half-containers of antifreeze, fertilizer, yard pesticides and other materials all...

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Things to Know When Shopping for Home and Auto Insurance

If you’re looking around for home or auto insurance, you may find the process confusing, especially if you’re new to buying coverage and aren’t familiar with the terminology. Here are five essential things you should...

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