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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Work with independent insurance agents

In person and remotely, independent agents provide unique and personal experiences for insureds every day. It’s important to us that you know how important you are. We want to protect you and show you how your insurance...

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Industry Insights: Landscapers, Don’t Be a Buzz Kill

Hawaii and Minnesota are just two of the states moving toward poison-free landscaping - from training on how to steam-kill weeds to legislation preventing the use of insecticides. Lawn-care professionals and landscapers...

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EPLI and Age Discrimination

As the United States population ages and retirement becomes a non-option for more and more of those in the workforce, age discrimination has become a real liability concern for every business. Twenty-three percent of...

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Do You Need New York State's Workers' Compensation Coverage?

Without workers’ compensation coverage, the price of an employee injured on the job can be devastating to your business. Also, if your business is supposed to have coverage and doesn’t, the penalties can be severe....

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What you need to know before you volunteer

On Sept. 16, 1997, the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 became effective. Concerned that volunteers have been deterred from offering their services to nonprofit organizations because of liability concerns, Congress went...

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Minimum Wage Increases

Gov. Ned Lamont reminded Connecticut residents that the state minimum wage increased from $11 per hour to $12, effective yesterday. The raise is a result of a law signed on May 28, 2019. Public Act 19-4 requires the...

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We are Here For You

Even during challenging times, we are here for you.We know things are hard right now. And, while COVID-19 may be affecting all aspects of everyday life, we hope you realize that some things haven’t changed-our agency is...

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FAQs on Connecticut’s grace period for insurance premium payments

Who does the order apply to? The executive order applies to all insurers licensed or regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department. What must insurers do? All insurers must give policyholders unable to pay their...

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Employee or independent contractor?

There is a common mistake employers across the U.S. are making that could cost them a lot of money: Misclassifying their employees as independent contractors. It’s easy to do, but the cost of doing so could be drastic....

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