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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Work with independent insurance agents

In person and remotely, independent agents provide unique and personal experiences for insureds every day. It’s important to us that you know how important you are. We want to protect you and show you how your insurance...

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Be independent: Homeowner

I do … want the ring back

Marriage is a union of two individuals. It serves as an expression of love and devotion. However, marriage also is a legal contract that binds the individuals together under the law. Whether talking about love or the...

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Be Independent: Brewer

Does your insurance policy need to change?

There are certain things that you may purchase once and never think about again-pet rocks, parachute pants, Troll dolls and bedazzled anything. However, your insurance policies shouldn’t be something that you buy and...

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How to Decide If Solar Panels Are Right for Your Home

Solar panels can provide clean electricity for your home, helping you to save money on energy costs while also doing your part to help the environment. However, not all homes are suited to solar energy. Here's what you...

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The NFIP: What homeowners should know

The National Flood Insurance Program makes flood insurance available to homeowners. Mortgage lenders require many homeowners to purchase the flood coverage. Even if you are not required to purchase flood coverage, it...

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What Are Annuities?

Annuities are investment products designed to offer the owner a steady income stream in the future. Some people buy an annuity when they receive a lump-sum payment from a legal settlement, an inheritance or an employer....

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You’re having a cookout: Here’s what you should know

Any time is great for grilling-but is your food safe to eat? Be sure to follow these tips this summer to ensure that you, your family and friends stay safe. Shopping for food When you buy groceries at the store, wait...

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Coming or going, ensure your short-term is insured

If you plan to rent out your home, you should check that you have certainty of coverage to protect yourself and the property. Homeowners policies are not intended to cover business or commercial use of your home, which...

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