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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

The Safety of Independence

When it comes to staying safe-in your car, when you are traveling, in your home-it’s important to consider one of the most important tools that will make you feel safe and secure: insurance. Sure, you can stay safe by...

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Make Sure You Are The Only You Out There

The Federal Trade Commission processed 1.4 million fraud reports-totaling $1.48 billion in losses-in 2018. Identity theft occurs when an unauthorized person uses your personal identifying information, such as your name,...

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Seat Belt Laws

The Do’s and Don’ts After A Fire

During a fire, it’s important to follow your emergency action plan and ensure that you and your family are safe. After a fire, it’s equally important that you take care of your home-but maybe not in the way you might...

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Electric Scooters are Coming!!!

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, legalized electric scooters, electric bicycles and electric tricycles became legal in Connecticut. The law allows these vehicles-as long as they do not exceed 20 miles per hour and are not...

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When Roadside Assistance Isn’t Enough

If you’ve ever been stuck on the side of the highway with an RV issue, you know what a life saver roadside assistance can be. Whether you need a battery charged, a tire changed, or a tow you’re often back on the road in...

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A Home's Replacement Cost

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a homeowners policy that would guarantee replacement of your home in the event of a loss without any conditions? That concept may be appealing, but it’s not realistic. In order to charge the...

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Older Drivers

An article in the Washington Post took a look at U.S. Census data and noted the number of licensed drivers over the age of 65 increased 29 percent from 2003 to 2013. In fact, the article said, older drivers have...

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Connecticut Texting Laws

You know it is forbidden, but sometimes it’s so hard to resist. You hear that chime from your pocket or the cup holder and you want to look. You know you shouldn’t but what if it’s something important, like breaking...

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Winter Driving Tips

During the winter season, drivers can protect themselves and their passengers by following a few travel guidelines: • Before heading out, make sure your vehicle is tuned up and in good shape for travel. Check to make...

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